iAppalooza Games: Cut The Rope

iAppalooza Games: Cut The Rope

 title=It’s only a relatively recent addition to the App Store, but there aren’t too many games that have proven themselves to be as addictive as Cut The Rope.

The aim of the game is simple: Feed the candy to the monster by cutting the different ropes that are suspending it. Do this while grabbing as many of the three stars on the way as you can, as quickly as you can, for a high score.

But what sounds simple can prove to be insanely difficult, requiring, logic, intelligence and a bit of maths knowledge. As you move on, obstacles like spiders and elements like elastic rope and bubbles are introduced to make the levels that much more interesting.

It’s near perfect as a time-killer game, and a must-play for anyone with an iPhone. It even has Game Center support for anyone who likes to pretend they’re actually achieving something by playing games on their phone for hours… like we at Giz do.

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