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I'm the resident ANZ customer pulled in to test ANZ's new goMoney app. And somehow that ended up meaning I had to send Nick $5 to 'test' things. But isn't this app free? Damn you, Broughall! Luckily ANZ goMoney made me the happiest I have been with a bank service since net banking first hit the scene.

It's worth a close examination, because you rarely get something this clever for free from a bank. After it installs, it takes less than a minute to get started. You login with your net banking details to kick things off, then select a PIN. Add your mobile number, receive a text with an authentication code, type that in, and you're all good. From here out just use the PIN to get into the app.

From there you have your account details for all linked accounts with one touch access to recent transaction histories, which is much simpler than what you find on the typical web-based internet banking interface. But it's really the Payments section that makes this app a big winner.

In Payments you can transfer money between your accounts (again, the interface is a breeze), and you can Pay Anyone using the traditional direct transfer to an account / BSB combo.

Then there is 'Pay to Mobile', which lets you send someone up to $1,000 with nothing more than their mobile phone number. Type in the number (or select a contact), the amount, your name, and a message. They will receive a text message with the details and a link to https://collect.anz.com/. They have seven days to claim the cash, or it cancels and goes straight back into your account.

When Nick went to collect his $5, he found a slick web interface where he added his account and BSB details. There is also one final check, a code that I had to give him separately, as a final verification that I've sent the money to the right person. With that number added, the money is all Nick's. Now I just hope he's going to buy me a drink.

After you have sent someone a payment, you can track all outstanding payments, so you know what hasn't been collected yet, and how many days until the payment will expire back into your account.

It's all just so elegant. If you're an ANZ customer, this is heaven. If you're not, go hassle your bank about why you don't have anything quite so clever. Or change banks. You can get ANZ goMoney right here.

[ANZ goMoney is currently advertising around our iAppalooza series. But honestly, this app is as good as I've said it is.]

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    Don't be so full of blind praise unless you've looked at every angle of the app. GoMoney is good, but it also sucks.

    I've got multiple access accounts, and it lists them by account number. Whoopdedoo.. I cannot remember that many numbers, for that reason I've "named" them in Internet banking with real, human understandable, meaningful names. e.g. Savings, Bills, Kids, etc.

    Those names do not carry over to GoMoney.

    As a result, I've transferred money between accounts, to the wrong one, and then overdrawn an account -- which I thought was the one I had transferred to..

    FIX IT ANZ! Carry the names from Internet Banking over to Go Money, or alternatively, let your Internet Banking App allow you to replace the existing "names" with aliases so that users can easily find what they need.

    Swish interface, yes, easily used? No, they fall at a major hurdle.

      Whilst I agree that custom names for accounts would definitely help, it's a peeve of mine too and certainly an oversight in my view (I am looking forward to seeing the feature in future updates as well as bill payments), you still have the information you NEED, just not the information you WANT.

      Your failure to transfer money to the correct accounts is not the fault of the app. Don't confuse the issue.

      As a temporary workaround, I've used pictures with my custom names on them to help alleviate the problem until ANZ address it themselves.

        Agreed. You can drop pictures onto accounts through goMoney, so if you want to write names on them, you can do it that way. I also have multiple accounts and I didn't feel confused.

        That said, carrying over the names of accounts from net banking would be a great. I hope they update that.

    When are ANZ going to look after their Android customers...

      Exactly what I'm waiting on. Well not exactly, I actually have a Nokia, but I KNOW ANZ isn't even going to bother with that POS, but I'll probably get an Android next so then I'll be waiting on it.

    Great review Seamus. I changed banks recently, and given the rates and features from the big banks were fairly comparable, I actually ended up going with ANZ solely on the strength of their online banking and apps.

    I use ANZGoMoney pretty much every day now and it makes we wonder how I got by with my old "appless" credit union's crappy flash infested website.

    All they need to is update it to support retina graphics and it's pretty much perfect.

      no it isn't, see above.

        Fair call, but I guess my banking needs aren't as advanced as yours. For me it's the simplicity and speed of the app I like, and I haven't encountered any problems so far.

    Just a little side note that if your iPhone is jailbroken you get a nice disclaimer when you first run the app telling you that the security of the app and your accounts cannot be guaranteed. I.e. ANZ wont cover you if money is stolen from a jailbroken iPhone.

      I noticed that too. I'll take the risk :)

    Also found that if the recipient of your test $5 is with ANZ and already on GoMoney then the cash arrives with a text message notification and nothing else to do - seems to be ready to spend!

    Not sure why they all have to be apps instead of a web interface that is geared for the handset, which would then make catering for iPhone, Android, Nokia etc all very simple as it would just be css style sheets based on the handset reciever.
    Currently with Bendigo Bank and see no reason to change, however while the online facilities could cater better for my iPhone I still get the job done with no confusion.

    I would like to see BPAY integrated into it, this is such a fundamental part of phone and internet banking, Im suprised it wasnt part of the initial features.

    So what happens when you lose your phone, or it is stolen? It is likely that most people will have the same 4 digit pin for their screen lock and the bank application. Not to mention their physical card.

    So, a thief gains access to your account # and your PIN - sounds awesome.

    Methods for recovering smartphone screen lock PIN's are not exactly akin to rocket science.

    This app would be worth considering if it allowed the use of a pass-phrase instead of a PIN. In the mean time, I will be using the fully featured web-page app.

      It's a good point that it is bad security to use the same PIN everywhere. That's bad security for any kind of password / passphrase / PIN.

      But why does a thief gain access to everything? If you use a different code for screen lock and different code for PIN, then you're not giving anything away.

      Yes, be careful. But if you're taking care then you've got little to worry about.

    Can't pay bills on it!

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