Get Naked And Internode Will Let You Keep Your Home Phone Number

Get Naked And Internode Will Let You Keep Your Home Phone Number

 title=You can’t remember the last time you used your home phone, but you don’t want to jump on the Naked ADSL2+ bandwagon because that phone number is really important for reasons no one else gets. Well, what if you could go naked and keep your number?

Internode is offering ADSL2+ speeds, cheap phone calls and no line rental – and direct competition to iiNet’s hugely successful Naked ADSL + VoIP offering.

There are two ways you can port your home phone number over to Internode’s NodePhone VoIP service. You can convert your phone line to an Easy Naked or NakedExtreme ADSL2+ service. The second option cancels your phone line altogether while letting your keep your number – which might be of interest to the lucky few in Tasmania who get first dibs on the NBN.

There’s a but: You have to be with Telstra. If your landline is with Optus, you can’t get naked with Internode and keep your number at the same time – not until they include other providers, which they’re promising to do at “a later date”.

Either way, there’s a one-time charge of $29.95 for the number-porting, and you’ll need to get a VoIP-friendly router if you don’t have one already.

It’ll be interesting to see how – and if – Internode can replicate iiNet’s success. [Internode]