Foxtel's TV Guide App Now iPad Friendly

Foxtel have just released an iPad-friendly version of their TV Guide iPhone app. It lets you browse the PayTV network's 14-day EPG, and iQ and iQ2 subscribers can set reminders and schedule recordings remotely. Sadly, the app doesn't include Foxtel streaming to the iPad's screen. Sad face. [iTunes]


    This is one of the downsides moving from an iPhone to an Android based phone. There's no Foxtel app on the Android marketplace. Sadface.

    I've just installed and checked the app out and it looks pretty good, but I have to say I actually prefer the iphone version combined with the FullForce extention (reformats iphone apps for the larger ipad screen). I think it gives you a better screen density.

    Of course to use FulLForce you have to JailBreak your iPad and that's not too everyone's taste...

      I second that. Good work Stu.

    Another reason why I hate that im a austar customer!

    Now all we need is the ability to watch the movies on our Macs (pushing it, iPAD even better!) and i"ll be happy!

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