Who Buys In-Flight Gadgets?

And does anyone really need a Diamanté Mouse? Gadgets can make even the longest flight bearable — I've just survived the 20+ hour trek from Sydney to London thanks in part to the gadgets I had on me. There's one notable problem with the pro-gadget agenda, though, and that's the twenty minutes or so during takeoff and landing when they're prohibited.

Twenty minutes when even the most steely mind might do desperate things. Like looking at the inflight shopping catalogue, which is where that particularly... interesting looking mouse jumped out at me. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it would kill anyone who came within fifty metres of me with one.

I've seen plenty of folks avail themselves of smokes and booze from in-flight duty free catalogues, and one of the journalists I'm travelling with says they're often competitive for makeup kits. I've never seen anyone buy a mouse, hard drive, digital camera or electronic weasel de-louser.

Is it just me? Has anyone ever bought a gadget from one of these catalogues? Was it any good?

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