There Are So Many Better Ways To Propose On The Internet

If you're going to ask the love of your life to commit to spending an eternity with you, you want to make that moment as special as you can. Proposing online with a real estate listing does not fit the criteria.

Clinton Hosking, from Frankston, Victoria, used to propose to his girlfriend, Hayley Smith, using her name as the property listing and the words "Will you marry me" to describe the property. The listing included a photo of a ring, plus several photos of the couple, just so there's no confusion which Hayley Smith from Frankston Victoria is being proposed to.

The listing itself is fascinating on so many levels. Apparently it's a "once in a lifetime opportunity", and has three bedrooms and one bathroom - which is more than most marriages, I'm sure. Inspection is by appointment only.

Of course, the whole thing could be a joke - and let's hope it is, for her sake - but even if it's not, remember that proposing on the internet is generally not considered romantic.

[Real Estate]

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