Sony's RayModeler Is Like A Virtual 3D FishTank

Sony has taken us one step closer to a world where droids can three dimensional holograms with the RayModeler, a prototype stereoscopic display that can show objects within the cylinder in 3D, without the need for stupid glasses.

On display at IFA, the RayModeler is a 27cm high cylinder with a 13cm diameter which displays three dimensional objects within the tube. As well as displaying 3D models like spheres and human heads, the prototype on display also allows for some limited interaction, like making a virtual animal jump up and down.

Sure, there's no practical use for a cylindrical display like this other than as a proof of concept, but if they ever work out how toshow the same three dimensional image on a large sheet of flat glass, 3D might actually become bearable... Nick travelled to IFA courtesy of Sony.

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