Camera Scuba Goggles Mean Your Hands Are Free To Punch Sharks In The Face

My greatest Scuba diving fear? Shark attack. Shark attack I can't defend against because the underwater camera I'm shooting with is strapped to my wrist and makes shark eye-gouging damn near impossible. That's what makes these Liquid Image camera goggles so appealing.

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For $399, you can get yourself a air of HD320, which records 720p video at 30fps and will work up to 40m. Coloured blue, the HD320 records audio and allows 5MP still shots as well. Running off four AAA batteries, you get about two hours worth of video recording direct to MicroSD card.

There are lower-grade models as well, offering VGA and DVD quality video footage for $199 and $299 respectively. But if you really want to keep your hands free for shark punching, you'll want to get that footage in HD.

[Active Out There]

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