Nikon's D7000 Pricing Could Make You Turn Grey

Nikon fans are still cheering from last week's announcement of the D7000 DSLR (and Canon fans are looking kind of envious as well), but if the pricing that's just popped up on the Ted's website is correct, quite a few camera enthusiasts are probably going to want to pick the camera up overseas.

The 1080p video recording DSLR is available for $US1200 for the body and $US1500 with the kit lens in the States. Ted's has the same body only costing $1950 and the kit lens pack at $2400 available to pre-order now.

Nikon have said that they'll announce official RRPs closer to the launch date at the end of October, so there is a chance the price will be a bit cheaper. But given the strength of the Aussie dollar at the moment, it's probably worth looking into your options of picking one up while overseas...

[Ted's - Thanks Adam and Oatmeal]

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