My Little NodePony

My Little NodePony

Internode goes all fluffy and sweet. Awwww… (Picture credit: Internode) Corporate mascots are usually bland creatures, intended to convey how serious your corporation really is. Except in the ISP space, which is rife with large wet puddles, Serengeti animals, extinct bird species and lilting voiced Irishmen for some reason.

You can add ponies to that list as well, with Internode’s latest marketing effort coming in the form of Nodepony. Internode’s MD Simon Hackett explains in a blog that “Sometimes life seems a little too serious”, and that selected Internode customers who emailed (once they’d figured out his email address) him with a nice story of why they wanted a Nodepony might just get a surprise courier delivery.

Want one? Well, sadly, since Friday, the blog’s been updated with the comment that “at this point, we’ve pretty much got as many lovely stories waiting for us  to read as we have… ponies in stock to send out next week.”

So you might have to wait a while. Which makes me wonder — will iiNet strike back with fluffy Irish dudes?