Magnatron – The 10 Storey Skill Tester – Being Built In Melbourne Now

Carlton Draught are currently building a 10 storey skill tester next to the MCG in Melbourne to coincide with the AFL Grand Final. With a 30 metre crane, an 18 metre enclosure and over $100,000 in prizes inside, it could make AFL fun. Unless the crane decides to drop your prize at the last minute like every skill tester I've ever played...

Imagine it – you manage to hook the grand prize of a Toyota Hilux, and just as you're about to drop it down into the victory chute (gently... gently...), it escapes the Magnatron's grip, falling 10 storeys down to crash on the remaining prizes in a spectacular explosion of glass, metal and fire.

Of course, that's unlikely to happen - instead of a giant claw, there's a 750kg magnet attached to the end of the crane, which should theoretically be strong enough to hang on to a car.

If you want to have a go at the skill tester on Grand Final day, you'll need to enter a competition either through Austereo Melbourne or on packs of Carlton Draught. At the moment it's still a long way from completion though, as you can see from the pics below.

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