IMDB Refusing To List Aussie Internet Indie Film The Tunnel

IMDB Refusing To List Aussie Internet Indie Film The Tunnel

 title=Remember The Tunnel – the Aussie made indie horror flick that allowed people all over the world to buy a frame of the film as a way of raising funds, before the promise of releasing it for free online via bittorrent? Turns out they’re having some difficulty getting IMDB to recognise their work.

In an open letter on the movie site’s blog, the team behind the film recount their various attempts at trying to get the film listed on the movie database, before concluding that the only possible reason they aren’t getting a listing is their chosen method of distribution of the film once they complete the film.

Considering the film has the backing of Andrew Denton’s production company Zapruder’s Other Films, not to mention the fact that the team is moving into post production, it’s pretty weak IMDB is failing to acknowledge them. I mean, even I have an IMDB page, and I certainly didn’t invest time or money into creating a film with a revolutionary financing and distribution method.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, you should probably buy a frame or two of the film while you still can…

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