D-Link's Got A Pocket 3G Wi-Fi Router Too

Given the almost ubiquitous nature of 3G in Australian cities, yet the general lack of 3G SIM cards in most of today's laptops, the idea of a pocket-sized WiFi router makes a lot of sense. DLink seem to think so, as they've just released the DIR-457U pocket 3G Wi-Fi router.

Capable of sharing 16 connections on one HSPA SIM card, the DLink router supports WPA2 encryption for added security, and has a built-in MicroSD slot which can be used to share files between devices. It runs off an internal battery, although there's no word how much juice you can expect from it, and comes in both 850/1900/2100MHz and 900/1900/210MHz options. It has an RRP of $330, and is available now.


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