Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

 title=Like a phoenix rising up from the ashes of jetlag, I’m really back today. Here’s the best of the overnight feed:

I Can’t Wait To Tap My Fingers On The HTC G2′s Chiclet Keypad
It looks interesting, but I think I’ll still wait.

How To Start A Fire Using Nothing But IKEA Home Furnishings
That’d be an expensive fire then.

LG’s Optimus 7 Windows Phone Will Have One-Touch DLNA Support

Five Reasons Why Best-Selling Authors Are Going Direct
I’d say the fact they don’t have to share their cash with a publisher would be pretty persuasive.

Five Of The Best Tablets Revealed So Far
Having played with most of them, “Best so far” does not equal “good”.