Aussie Consumers Agree: This Microsoft Ad Is The Pits

Last night was the final episode in the current series of the ABC's awesome ad analysis show The Gruen Transfer, which included the awarding of the Gruen Polished Turd for the worst ad of all time. The public vote was clear: this ad for Microsoft's Songsmith music software was the most hideous piece of footage ever inflicted on innocent viewers. We challenge you to watch this and not cringe.

Gruen's expert panel chose differently, picking an ad for West End Beer starring John Singleton to receive the prize, but I think this is a clear case where the masses know better. If you didn't catch the show, you can watch it on iView. Yay streaming! Boo Songsmith!

The Gruen Transfer

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    Surely that's not a serious ad. Right? Right!?

    That girl's voice haunts my nightmares. Truly an abomination against nature.

    I like how they are using a mac book as the laptop you can even see the sticker covering the apple logo.

    Its and ad for Microsoft. 13 seconds in and what do I see??? Its a Mac.

    "Microsoft huh? so its pretty easy to use?"

    that was the final F***ING STRAW!

    how does an ad go for 4 minutes?
    I guess its to make up for the shock educed coma most viewers will spend the majority of the time in.


      Rob Oakshot made a 2 sylabyl word go for 47 minutes.

        I hear that's actually why he picked Labor: he'd reached the character limit.

    With SongSmith, you can adjust 'Happy' or 'Jazz', but looks like 'Crap' is all the way up to 11

    Seriously Microsoft? Cmon... You would have been better getting a real muso to demo it... at at least explain it... or use a song that everyone knows?
    I guess they're trying to identify with ppl who aren't super musical...

      I read somewhere that it was made by the developers, who play the dad and 'sappy love song' guy. Which explains why it's horrible, but doesn't excuse it.

    OK. I don't think its the worst I've seen. But its certainly the worst I've seen where there was obviously enough money to make something decent. Be honest - Ballmer has a cousin in "advertising", right?

    This is the sort of add that would appeal to those people who objected to Katy Perry's cleavage on Sesame Street..

    oh wow! uninstalled sound card drivers just in case her voice finds a way to break volume control

    Freaking hideous! It's a unknowing spoof of itself!

    Dear Microsoft,
    I would like the 4 minutes and 17 seconds of my life that you stole from me back.

    After watching that ad - I now wanted to tear out my ears so I can never accidentally hear it ever again...

    My testicles just crawled up through my arse and kicked in my ear drums after listening to that.

    I'm making songs with songsmith.

    It's the cool new thing to do.

    AMAZING. Now that's some fricking brilliant writing.

    Their windows 7 party ads will win next year

    oh dear god.........

    that is all.

    Um... dudes... seriously, Macs will run windows. Microsoft doesn't care what hardware you're running its products on. They don't MAKE laptops.

    Also, the ad is a crime against nature and, I feel, justifies the death penalty.

    .... after that all I want to do is rock back and forth... and cry..

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