An Appropriate Solution To Australia's Election Woes

All we need is a bunch of twenty cent pieces and a voting machine.

Electronic voting has its issues, it's fair to say, whether you're rabidly in favour of it or worried by the privacy and/or hacking issues it raises. While the country is locked in a state of government paralysis, however, a video (pointed out to me, to give credit where it's due, by freelancer Neerav Bhatt) covers an alternative use for electronic voting machines that we can all support. Namely Playing Pac-Man.

Come to think of it, that'd be a great way to settle the election deadlock — just give the respective leaders 20c each to line up on the screen, old school style, and let them have at it.

[PAC-MAN on the Sequoia AVC-Edge DRE voting machine via BoingBoing]

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