Telstra Shows Off Its Windows Phone 7 Skin

Telstra Shows Off Its Windows Phone 7 Skin
 src=Telstra is no stranger to customising the crap out of mobile phones. So what will their customised version of Windows Phone 7 look like? Gus over at Lifehacker managed to sneak a peek at the upcoming Telstra integration for WinPho7, and it must be said that it actually looks OK.

Dubbed the Telstra One Hub, the format matches the Microsoft design ethos pretty well. Gus managed a hands on, and while some of the features weren’t enabled yet, he did note that pretty much all of the Telstra properties had a spot, with an emphasis on news, weather and things like White Pages and Trading Post.

But despite the obvious effort gone into the layout and design of the Telstra portal, it’s interesting to see the reaction from Lifehacker readers – most announcing they simply refuse to buy customised handsets. I imagine a similar feeling runs through Giz readers… Am I right?

UPDATE: Just got this from Telstra:

The TelstraOne hub, rather than being an immovable part of the interface, is built so that our customers can move it around their homescreen and even remove it if it’s not of interest. Our customers tell us that they like quick access to our free content, so that’s what we’re trying to achieve here.

The TelstraOne hub will be just one of the many hubs available to our customers on the Next G Windows Phone 7 range.

Does that sway anyone’s opinions?