SockItz Gives Your PowerPoints Added USB Charging Goodness

If your house looks anything like mine, it's powerboard after powerboard, as I do my best to find somewhere else to plug in yet another gadget. That's what looks so good about SockITz - simply by replacing the standard double AC jack, you get a couple of bonus USB charging ports for all those gadgets that don't really need the big chunky power plug.

The USB ports offer 5V of juice each - enough to charge most gadgets, including mobile phones, satnavs or the iPad - leaving the two 240V AC plugs for those other high-power gadgets that need them.

Each USB port comes with a dust cover, which automatically kills off the power when closed, meaning you don't actually waste any power. But perhaps best of all is the fact that the $35 powerpoint is a direct replacement for your current port, meaning easy installation.

The SockITz is available for pre-order now with an expected ship date of October.



    Are they 1amp like the iPad chargers or .5amp like the iPhone chargers??

      No dave thair not anything like the ipod chargers . Just thought i would let you know . !(: If any questiions or concerns you can call me @ 928 750 2349 alright thank you very much (:

    working link

    don't these things use power all the time?

    like, any AC to DC power pack, don't they all use power when they are plugged in?

      Hi Matt

      No the circuit to the DC power supply is cut when the retractable dust cover doors are shut. So there is zero power consumed when no usb devices are charging.

      Edit: Zero power when usb devices are NOT charging

        Ah nice..
        I was just about to comment that all we need is 5V transformers in every outlet sucking power to stay warm 24/7.
        But that seems not to be the case!

    ipads draw up to 2amps and iphones up to 1amp so we have included one of each so you can fast charge your ipad on the 2amp port.

    @Matt... They could put a physical switch so the thing is only on once a device is plugged in

    Funky! All it needs is a little toggle to set the amperage and it'd be brilliant.

      You don't need a toggle, the device will draw the current it requires.. You can't "over-amp" something, you can "over-volt" something though.

    Genius! Nice work guys!

    From the 'Now why didn't I think of that' file. Great idea, going to clean up some clutter :)

    I'm not sure if things have changed, but I thought that you needed a qualified electrician to do any electrical work such as installing/changing powerpoint wiring in Australia?

      Yes its still the same. we recomend using a licensed contractor to do the 2min simple swap.

    Just bought myself two :D we'll see how well these work...

      where did you get them from as im after 2 myself

    I'd like ot match the power point to the style that is already in the house. Is the "base" a HPM Excel?

      It is similar to the HPM double socket not the same tho its the same size as most regular powerpoints (not slim line) so unless its right next to an existing one you wont notice. there will be different colour faceplates comming soon too.

    hi i would really like to know where to get one from there is a guy in the comments saying he has already got one but did say where he got it from i need 2

    Are these gpo able to charge an iphone and are they available in clipsal shape rather than hpm legrand. Also is there a power pack or do they fit off like a standard gpo?

    Anyone know if this product works with z-wave (in-wall)?

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