Panasonic’s Multitouch Interactive Whiteboard Would Make Me Learn Stuff

Panasonic’s Multitouch Interactive Whiteboard Would Make Me Learn Stuff

 title=When I was at school, whiteboards were as boring as trying to explain calculus to the dumb kids. But whiteboards today are interactive, and the latest model from Panasonic has introduced the most exciting technology of them all*, multitouch.

The 77-inch whiteboard allows up to three people to use the board at one time, although only one person can be writing on the board with the special electronic pen at once. The pen allows users to write in four different colours, highlight text in three different colours and remotely activate actions like turning PowerPoint slides.

Considering the Panasonic whiteboard has an RRP of $2,869, I’m almost tempted to get one for the hell of it anyway…

Panasonic offers revolutionary multi-touch Interactive Whiteboard for enhanced learning

Sydney, 24 August, 2010 – Panasonic Australia has today launched the newest addition to its Interactive Whiteboard line-up – including the first model to feature multi-touch operation – to provide Australian teachers with a durable and easy-to-use tool for even more engaging teaching.

Joining the current range of popular Panaboards, the UB-T880 (77-inch) is sure to be popular with students and teachers alike thanks to the new multi-touch operation which allows the Panaboard to be used by up to three students at once1 encouraging greater pupil involvement during lessons.

The durable and long lasting multi-touch surface can be operated with a finger or the electronic pen, with all movements relayed directly to the board surface for smooth, seamless and comfortable operation. The multi-touch operation also allows for Dynamic Image Control so images can be easily moved, scaled or rotated with the fingers or the electronic pen.

“We are delighted to launch this exciting model featuring even greater usability. The new multi-touch function further enhances engagement within the classroom and encourages more effective and enjoyable lessons for both teachers and students,” said David Cuckney, AV/IT Group Manager, Panasonic Australia.

“As well as being able to get a group of up to three students working on the Panaboard to solve a problem, the entire classroom can enjoy the extensive benefits of the new models, such as durability, non-reflective viewing angle, built-in stereo speakers and the Electronic Pen for enhanced learning,” he continued.

Teachers will be able to offer more streamlined lessons with the advanced Electronic Pen, which can switch between four marker colours, 3 highlighter colours and the eraser, as well as activate other actions remotely, such as turning PowerPoint pages. Text written on the board is also easily saved and can be inserted into Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint using elite Panaboard software.

The UB-T880 also continues to feature integrated speakers for a full multimedia experience to make lessons more engaging, as well as two additional USB ports for easy connection to peripheral devices like digital cameras and microscopes.

The new Panaboard is built strong and is scratch resistant to withstand the everyday bumps and knocks of the classroom. It is also easy to view from a wide angle with a non-reflective surface.

“We are proud that Panasonic’s elite Panaboards are well-renowned throughout education institutions for their durability and ease of use in such a dynamic environment as a classroom, and we hope that teachers and students will find this latest offering helps them even further,” Mr Cuckney said.

For greater flexibility within the classroom, the new model is also compatible with an optional wireless kit, so there is no need for a cable to connect the computer to the board. In addition, by connecting the optional install free kit which comes with application software, the application can be used immediately without having to install to a PC.

Model Size RRP Availability UB-T880 77-inch $2,869rrp August 2010

Panasonic Interactive Whiteboards will be supplied with Easiteach Next Generation software. For more information about Panasonic Interactive Whiteboards, contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit