Panasonic’s Lumix Cameras, 3D Camcorder Priced And Dated

Panasonic’s Lumix Cameras, 3D Camcorder Priced And Dated

Well, lookee here. Panasonic has released local details for their Lumix range of point and shoots, as well as the “world’s first 3D consumer camcorder”.

The DMC-LX5 improves on its popular predecessor, the DMC-LX3, with a boost in dynamic range and low-light performance, a new Leica lens, jog wheel and image processing engine. Available in September for $799 in a nice, safe, boring black. Check out the full specs and details on our here.

Panasonic's first hybrid super zoom DMC-FZ100 is top of the line in its FZ series and shoots 11fps at full resolution with an MOS sensor. It'll be available mid-August with a $799 price tag. The DMC-FZ40 has similar specs, but sacrifices the MOS sensor for a 14MP CCD and only shoots in 720p, saving you $150. It'll retail in September for $649. Full details here.

The DMC-FX700 comes with a new "Intelligent Burst" mode, which adjusts the frame rate of burst shooting according to the speed of the subject's motion, and shoots at 10fps in 14MP resolution. Available in next month for $599. Details here.

The touchscreen DMC-FX75 will be available before the end of August for $499. It sports a 24mm super wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom and shoots HD video in AVCHD Lite. More here.

Last (and least in terms of dollars) of the point-and-shoots, Panasonic's adding to its rugged range of cameras with the entry level 14MP DMC-FT10. For $399, you get a waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof camera in your choice of blue, black or red.

Panasonic's 3D camcorder will hit stores in late September and will set you back - wait for it - $1999. Now you can make your own headache-inducing, full HD 3D recordings. More here.

So who's getting what?