Optus Upgrades Cable Network To Go Faster

If you're an Optus cable customer in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane who wants their broadband internet to go faster, now you can. The telco has just upgraded their cable network to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, which allows speeds of up to four times faster than before. But it'll cost you...

Optus claims that 1.4 million households will be eligible for the speed boost, which will cost at least $15 a month extra on top of your current cable plan. There will also be deals offering the speed increase when bundled with home phone plans.

With the NBN rolling on, speed is going to become increasingly important, so it's good to see the networks aren't just sitting back waiting for the Government to build its national FTTP network before we get respectable data speeds. Whether you want to pay for it now though is another matter altogether.


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