Optus Tweaks Its Mobile Broadband Cap Plans To Include Peak/Off-Peak

Optus has just tweaked its mobile broadband cap plans to include peak and off-peak times. Good news if you browse the web on the road between midnight and 7am, I guess...

The idea for the new plans is that you get twice as much data in the off-peak periods - so where $20 would buy you 1GB of data normally, you get 2GB if you only browse between midnight and 7am. There's no excess usage fees though, with Optus opting for a throttled approach, plus there's unmetered access to Facebook, Optus webmail and myZOO.

Optus have new plans starting at $20, which include between 1GB and 2GB of data depending on when you're browsing, plus $30 for 3GB peak/6GB off peak, $50 for 7GB peak/14GB off peak, $80 for 9GB peak/18GB off peak and $100 for 10GB peak/20GB off peak. All plans are over 24 months, with the $30 and $50 plans including a basic modem in the package and the $80 and $100 plans including a premium USB modem.


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