Navman's Latest Satnavs Have Free Map Upgrades For Two Years

Navman has unveiled its latest lineup of satnavs, and in an attempt to stand out from the slightly crowded GPS market, have included two years worth of free map updates with each Navman purchase.

There are three new models in the Navman range: The MY60T, MY65T and MY75T, which sell for $329, $379 and $479 respectively. The feature set across the board is pretty decent, with SUNA traffic standard, plus realistic street signs, spoken landmark guidance (things like, "turn right at the petrol station") and better navigation through tunnels. 4WD maps are optional for the two cheaper models and standard in the MY75T.

The difference between the units is a combination of hardware and software features. The 65T adds Bluetooth to the 60T, which adds POI search over GPRS functionality. The 75T adds even more functionality, like 3D landmarks, an FM transmitter and multimedia support. All three models get the free mapping updates though, as well as a two year warranty.

The units are due to hit shelves mid-August.


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