Mazuma Mobile Pays You Cash For Your Old Phones

Mazuma Mobile Pays You Cash For Your Old Phones

There are plenty of ways to recycle all the old phones you’ve got sitting in a drawer somewhere at home, but this might be the first one that actually pays you to get rid of them. Mazuma Mobile claims they’ll pay up to $650 for your old mobile.

Depending on the type of mobile you have, you can earn between $1.60 and the maximum $650 by selling them your phone for recycling. You don’t have to pay anything – you fill in a form on Mazuma’s website, they send you postage-paid envelope and when you send in your phone, they check it’s the same model as you told them before they pay you. They also take non-working phones, although the payment amount is obviously lower.

There’s a pretty extensive run down on the different values for phones on the Mazuma website, so if you’re thinking of ditching your old handset, this seems like a pretty decent way of making a quick buck from it at the same time.

According to the press release, Mazuma has been operating in the UK for four years and has paid out about £68 million for recycled phones over there. Hopefully you guys will get similar amounts down here…