Kogan’s New LED Backlid Screens Are Stylish And Cheap

Kogan’s New LED Backlid Screens Are Stylish And Cheap

 title=Kogan’s never been the type of company to shy away from publicity so it’s no surprise that the announcement of their latest LED backlit TVs is, according to the press release, the beginning of a “price war”.

To be fair, the pricing is pretty freakin’ sweet. Kogan’s got new LED backlit TVs in 32, 42 and 46-inch screen sizes. There are two 42-inch models – one running at 50Hz and another at 100Hz. Pricing starts at $799 for the 32-inch, $1,099 for the 50Hz 42-inch, $1,199 for the 100Hz 42-inch and $1,599 for the 46-inch. As a point of comparison, Kogan claims that the cheapest 46-inch LED backlit LCD TV on Harvey Norman’s website is $2,999.

In addition to LED backlighting, all the new TVs incorporate 1080p panels, USB input that can play back photos and video, and PVR functionality in the TV, which will record to an external USB key or USB hard drive.

Judging from the product shots, the sets themselves look pretty thin and stylish, and if the picture quality on the bigger sizes is anything like the 32-incher I checked out earlier this year, then the Aussie company is going to be doing pretty well for themselves when these start shipping in September.