Kogan To Launch Home Appliances

If we were to place money on what the next Kogan product was going to be, we probably would have gone with a tablet. What we definitely wouldn't have guessed was a microwave, vacuum cleaner or espresso machine, yet according to Patrick Avenell over at Current.com.au, that's exactly the direction Kogan's going.

The products, which are expected to be launched within weeks, are a real shift away from the consumer electronics space Kogan usually plays in. The vacuum cleaner will be a bagless model, which Ruslan Kogan told Avenell does not infringe on any patents and will cost less than half what other bagless vacuums cost.

Given the amount of publicity Kogan is getting in his battle with Gerry Harvey at the moment, this is a fascinating move from the online entrepreneur. It'll be interesting to see how long we have to wait before there's a Kogan branded fridge...


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