iiNet Has Sold 50,000 BoBs

Modem, wireless router and landline/VoIP handset super combo device BoB from iiNet seems to be rather popular, with the ISP announcing that they've sold 50,000 of the devices since they launched about a year ago.

Simple mathematics means that 50,000 units over 52 weeks is just under 1000 units sold every week on average, which is pretty impressive for a mainstream device.

BoB owners may also get a bit of a performance boost in the near future with iiNet announcing they'll be trialling Broadcom's PhyR impulse protection technology, which improves noise resilience and reduces line faults. Because BoB and the iiNet DSLAMS both use Broadcom's chipsets, it means that the trial of the new technology was easy to implement. It also means improved performance for FetchTV customers.

The massive takeup of BoB, plus the planned acquisition of AAPT, means iiNet seems to be doing pretty well for itself at the moment. If only they'd offer ADSL2+ at my local exchange...


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