HTC Wildfire Available On Telstra For $349 Prepaid

The HTC Wildfire, the latest HTC Android handset, launched today exclusively on Telstra for the bargain basement price of $349 outright on prepaid. Could this be the best cheap phone on the market?

Running Android 2.1, the Wildfire comes with all the standard HTC additions to Android like Sense UI, flash support in the browser and the ability to share apps with friends. It also comes with Swype, the fantastic text input method, which should help type those letters on the edge of the keyboard.

The Telstra exclusive deal ends on November 15, so it's a fairly substantial period of time you'll have to go to Telstra to get the phone. Like the Desire before it, the Wildfire will come pre-loaded with BigPond apps you won't be able to delete permanently from the phone, but for $349, can you really complain?


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