Get Niggled To Make The Most Of Your Gadget Purchases

Get Niggled To Make The Most Of Your Gadget Purchases
Get Niggled To Make The Most Of Your Gadget PurchasesIf you’re as useless with gadget paperwork as I am, then you might like the idea of an online service specifically designed to let you keep track of things like warranties and contract periods. Niggle It lets you store all your important document information online and receive timely reminders when things are about to expire.

Niggle It is like a repository for all your important purchases – once you’ve signed up, you upload either a scan or a photograph of your contracts, warranties, receipts or any other important docs, then file the originals away. And while it’s always a good idea to keep a digital copy of your important documentation, Niggle It offers the added benefit of sending you timely reminders (called niggles) when key dates are approaching, like the end of your mobile contract or when warranty is about to expire.

You can even use the service for things like gift cards, making sure that they don’t expire in your wallet while you forget their very existence.

The service costs $25 a year for a basic single user or $30 a year for a family. The difference is that the basic plan gets you 70 niggles, 300MB of attachment storage and 5MB attachment file size limit, while the family pack gives you 200 niggles, 800MB of attachment storage and 10MB attachment file size limits. The family pack also gives you a tax deduction report, so you can easily keep track of which gadgets you can claim on your tax return.

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