Geneva Sound System Model S Adds DAB+

Off the back of the cheap Pure DAB+ radio this morning is the Geneva Sound System Model S DAB+, an upgraded version of the Model S the US guys got their hands on at CES this year. The included upgrade? Digital radio. Bet you didn't guess that...

Complete with a motorised iPod dock, remote control and alarm clock, the DAB+ version of the popular speaker system includes a digital radio tuner and the ability to tune into a station by name rather than frequency.

It does have a rather handsome price tag though - the DAB+ version of the Model S will set you back $799, a full $200 more than the non DAB+ version's $599. But if that price is too much for you, you could always grab the standard version and two Pure Mi DAB+ radios and save a few bucks if you don't want to fork out the extra when the DAB+ model hits shelves in September.

[Geneva Lab]


    I just got one, minus the DAB+ but still chuffed, great chunky sound for a clock radio and feels very well made. The iPod-like controls on top are very cool, all built-in flush but illuminated from behind.

    You don't need to see the controls to tell the alarm to switch off - just flail your hand around near there and it'll switch off :-)

    Remote is a little fiddly so takes some learning.

    Is iPhone compliant (i.e. shielded) but dock adapter in box won't fit iPhone4 so using it sans adapter, no drama, works fine.

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