Five Ways Around The Filter In Two Minutes

We object to the Government’s plan to censor the internet for a variety of reasons – it won’t help parents, it won’t help police, it’s secretive, it costs a lot of money. Perhaps these points are debatable, but one isn’t – experts agree, anybody who wants to will be able to get around the censorwall, easily, on day one.

Here is a demonstration of how ridiculously easy it will be. In two minutes, I demonstrate not just how to get around the filter, but five different ways to get around it.

The first is to use the Google cache – Google’s stored copy of the page. Google has proved a nuisance to would-be censors everywhere, and the cache is one reason why. Using a VPN and a proxy get a mention. The remaining two are so trivially simple they may surprise you.

Will the ease of getting around the filter cause an arms race, with the Government tightening the law every further? We hope not. But one reason to worry about the filter, even if ineffective, is certainly that its very uselessness might lead to calls for more restrictive censorship.

Colin Jacobs is the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia. Having made a career out of developing internet applications, he is keenly aware the impact such legislation can have on the technology industry. His particular areas of interest include fair use and consumer rights, copyright and patent reform, and most particularly Internet censorship.

This post originally appeared on Open Internet.

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    Waaaaaaaiiiit up.

    For the length I've known about this, I've been thinking it was going to be more than an exact text URI match.

    As a web developer, I know that an exact URI text match is the most retarded way to sniff out a URI you are looking for.

      There isn't a IT person in existence that wouldn't know this system cannot work, including the people that wrote it

      It is my belief that even the Government ministers know the system cannot work, and also they have *NO INTENTION OF IMPLEMENTING IT*

      What they are doing is telling a voting section of the public who is computer illiterate, and screaming "won't SOMEONE thinking of the CHIIIIILLLLDREEEEN" that they, the shining leaders of tomorrow (if you vote for them) ARE thinking about the children and will do something about it (if you JUST vote for them)

      The people who understand this system and know it is crap, are a tiny minority in comparison, and are being coached by other stuff like the countrywide broadband

        well, bloody said Chris!!!

    Anyone who still thinks the Internet filter is a good idea (go on, put your hand up - all one of you...), can eat it... Good work Colin.

      Family first still thinks its a good idea

        Yep, and there's exactly one of them in the Senate, and none in the House of Reps... :-D

    The intention is not to have a working filter, but to introduce laws against circumventing the filter. how many of you want a criminal record if you are found guilty of circumvention.
    Phone Julia - ask her to ask her bosses to drop the idea - see how far you get...

      Conroy has already come out and said it's legal to bypass and to instruct others to do so.

        Step one create a filtering regime.
        Step two legislate against circumvention.
        You think they will stop at step one?
        Remember - its for your own good...

      My work VPN that would allow me to bypass the filter, perhaps they will have to ban them too.

    And how long do you think it would take for them to block those type of proxies?
    Even if it was Fail. What makes you think they wont modify it to their own purposes.
    This is the future of the internet if it get put into place, and probably even worse.

    Send Conroy and all those a message, Don't vote for any party that supports the Filter.

    Cry Freedom

    oh wow 5th one is gold :)
    didnt know that one :)

    I don't recommend using a PROXY to bypass the filter, especially if you are using web sites that don't encrypt the login process, it's very easy for a proxy administrator to collect login details as they travel across the wire unencrypted

      so? what are they gonna do? tell on you? Conroy has already said its perfectly legal! :S

      seriously, wtf is with this policy!

        so??? they will steal your logins and use them for themselves - it's not about dobbing anybody in ...

        They don't want to tell on you, because that would draw attention to the fact that they can steal from you.

        ohhh! sorry, now I get it.

        so great! the filter will lead to more cybercrime! yay for cybercrime!...

      That is why you install your own proxy server on your own webhosting account. Some examples include PHProxy and Glype Proxy.

      That way, the only people that can access your logs are you and your webhosting provider.

    I'd like to see something like this in the mainstream media.

    Most people don't know how easy it is to get around.

    Conroy keeps saying the filter is 100% effective also - obviously without elaborating.

    My Labour candidate rang last night to remind me that the polling station has moved this year and to ask what issues would be driving my vote this year.

    We actually had a good 10 minute conversation about the classification system and the internet filter.

    He did seem surprised when when he was told that it wouldn't be like the NetNanny program he uses at home. He also seemed concerned that the blacklist would be a sealed document.

    Course, I don't know if he actually was concerned or if he was just saying that.

    Because pedophiles and 12 year old boys looking at porn are computer illiterate. Way to go Conroy.

    I don't think that Con Roy has any idea about the technology and his minders can feed him any crap they want.

    Con doesn't understand, clear and simple.

    The Filter is dumb... we can bypass it.. etc etc etc... yeah we all know this, so why do people here still complain about it? People who know how will obviously get around it so who cares if its on or not.

    The Filter will work for the average family, who have young children, neither the parents or the young children will know how to get around it so Conroy "saves" them. That's why majority vote will pass it. It's not really about it been successful, it's about peace of mind (however fragile and unstable that might be).

    Obviously there's the issue of the person on the receiving end been filtered out, but the percentage of "innocent victims" there will be very small. Maybe that Muslim dating site called "i Blow you" will fall under "terrorism" but serves them bloody right anyway!.. i'm still waiting for my Iranian Twins to arrive! :|

      Do you honestly think this filter will stop 'children' from accessing restricted sites. I challenge you to go to the local Highschool that has filtered out Facebook or youtube and ask any student using the computer how to access it from the school. Students have been bypassing these types of filters for years already. Sen Conroy is an idiot who is playing on the lack of knowledge the average parent has about the internet. And any child not in high school should be monitored by the parents whilst using the internet in any case.
      I for one will be making sure I vote in a manner that will place Conroy last, and will continue to compaign to do the same.

        "And any child not in high school should be monitored by the parents whilst using the internet in any case"

        That's exactly who they aim to protect. The Filter will be the tool given by the "saviors" to the parent. Even a super observant parent cant sit next to the kid through all their internet sessions, so when they walk away to watch Dr Phil they have peace of mind that the Filter is standing in.

        Teens going to the library are already sexing sexting and giving blow jobs like its a pat on the back anyway, so no help for them!

    Roll-your-own totally undetectable proxy on a VPS somewhere:

    As someone who knows a fair bit about this game, this is not only undetectable but also impossible to lock down unless the government is going to implement a whitelist and they ain't doing that in a hurry.

    Failing that, Tor.

    See, the problem for measley teenagers such as myslef is that we already have an internet blocker, and we can't use proxies because it comes up with a page saying "Website blocked - proxy avoidance". Seriously, they have the dumbest excuses for blockes. "Entertainment/humor; education; none; ucategorised"

      Just use the Tor network.

      Problem solved.

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