Conroy, Smith And Ludlam Debating ICT Policy August 10

Next Tuesday, August 10 at 1pm, Stephen Conroy, Tony Smith and Scott Ludlam will be debating IT and communications policy at the National Press Club. The event will be broadcast on Sky News, and we’ll be liveblogging it here on Gizmodo, so you can see what party has the best interests of the tech community in mind at this years election.

It will be an interesting discussion – off current form we expect a lively discussion from Conroy and Ludlam, with Smith piping up occasionally to lament the cancelling of the NetAlert program and threaten to cancel the NBN.

Among the topics for discussion during the debate will be the internet filter and the NBN, which makes it especially relevant for anyone hoping for a decent technology infrastructure for the country in the future.

But if nothing else, we’ll see whether or not the Opposition can actually come up with some IT policy should they win into power later this month.

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