Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

 title=Wow, today’s going to be a huge day. Not only is it Gizmodo Day, but we’ll be checking out the Lifehacker Techlines Event as well. Don’t forget to come and join us for a beer at the James Squires Brewhouse on King Street Wharf if you’re in Sydney at 7pm tonight, or check MeetUp for Giz meetups in other cities.The Sun May’ve Belched Plasma, But The Sky Looked Gorgeous
Kind of makes you feel insignificant, doesn’t it?

The “Save Google Wave” Site Has A Surprising Number Of Fans
Where were these people when nobody was actually using Wave?

10 Add-Ons You Have To Know About For Google Chrome
Go download them now.

Asus NX90 Stolen Before Its Launch Event In Romania
Wow. That’s a spy movie in the making…

Rumour: AppleTV Renamed iTV, Will Have Apps But No 1080p Playback
But I want 1080p playback Apple. More than I want apps on my TV.