BigPond Movies Now In HD (For Some...)

If you happen to own an IPTV enabled LG TV or Blu-ray device with BigPond movies, you can now download movies in high definition. If you're a BigPond customer. the downloads are unmetered, making it one of the best VOD movie offerings around. Never thought I'd say that...

The HD movies available through LG's NetCast service are only available to rent, not own, with rentals costing $6.99 for a 48 hour viewing window and seven days to start watching, which is all pretty par for the course.

What's really interesting is that they've rolled the HD out to LGTV owners before they've made HD movies available to T-Box customers, who can expect the service to appear with the next month.

With the rise of terabyte plans, the whole unmetered thing will cease to be important in the future, but at the moment, BigPond is the only company offering VOD movies where you don't have to pay twice for the convenience.

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