Why There’s A Good Chance The iPhone 4 Will Be Delayed In Australia

Why There’s A Good Chance The iPhone 4 Will Be Delayed In Australia
ImageIf nothing else, Apple is a company that’s exceptionally regular in its release schedule. We’ve seen new iPods every September/October for almost a decade, new iPhones announced each June and Mac refreshes almost every January. But as Gus over at Lifehacker points out, this regularity means that it’s highly unlikely we’ll see new iPhone 4’s hitting Australian shelves this month.

Gus’s logic explains that for the past two years, Apple have given us about a month-long window for an approximate launch date, which is followed by carrier pricing announcements happening at most eight days before the phone hits shelves. So even if one of the carriers were to come out and announce iPhone 4 pricing today, the earliest we could realistically expect to see the phone is next week.

But given the fact that Apple is holding an iPhone 4 related press event in the US tomorrow, and the ongoing problems with reception, it’s likely that we’ll be waiting a little bit longer to get our hands on the new phone, much like we had to wait for the iPad.

Although realistically, if the wait means Apple first admits then fixes the reception issues of the phone, the delay is probably a good thing for Australian consumers.