Wave Hello To Samsung's First Bada Handset Today

As if there wasn't enough mobile phone excitement today, Samsung has launched the Wave, their first handset running their home-grown Bada OS, through Optus, Voda and Virgin as well.

Targeted towards a slightly younger demographic than the Galaxy S Android phone, the Wave is still extremely well specced out, with a 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, 720p video recording, and gorgeous 3.3-inch Super AMOLED screen. It also features the Samsung Social Hub, which is essentially a push service for all your messaging needs. There's GPS inside, plus an accelerometer and proximity sensor.

The Optus website has the phone available for $0 up front on a $49 plan over 24 months, although Voda and Virgin are yet to update their websites. Telstra will a also be getting the handset in August, but because NextG runs on the 850MHz spectrum, it will need a slightly different chip inside which accounts for the delay.


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