Vodafone’s Got New Mobile Broadband Plans

Vodafone’s just refreshed its mobile broadband plans, adding a heap of extra data to their post paid offerings. Yay for bonus data!

Available on either month-to-month or 12-month contracts, Voda has increased the $15 a month plan allowance to 1.5GB (from 1GB); the $29 a month quota to 4GB (from 3GB), the $39 a month quota to 8GB (from 6GB) and the $49 a month to 10GB (from 8GB).

They’ve also dropped excess data charges to 2c/MB, down from 10c/MB.

Considering all but the $15 a month 12-month plans include the modem, it seems like a pretty good deal, although from a performance angle, Gus over at Lifehacker reckons the network has degraded over the past 12 months or so. Even so, the prices do seem pretty good…