Victoria Set To Make Magic Super Gloves

You know the problem with most gloves? They don't protect you from the scary things in life, like hypodermic needles and microbiological pathogens. Fortunately, the Victorian government has just invested $1.5 million in developing magic super gloves that will protect wearers from any type of nasty you can throw at them.

The gloves are being developed by Hysport, alongside experts from CSIRO and RMIT. The aim is to create a pair of super gloves that will be both comfortable to wear (and stylish!) as well as resistant to microscopic bugs, tears, and impervious to cuts and punctures. The gloves are being designed for prison officers using nanotechnology and nanofabrication techniques, but surely it's only a matter of time before we start seeing these gloves being shown off on some catwalk somewhere in the world...

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