Share Your iPhone 4 Launch Party Pics With Gizmodo

We're going to be out and about on the streets of Sydney tonight covering the launch of the iPhone 4, but it turns out that there will be midnight launch events happening all over the country. So we want your help.

If you're going to be at any of the midnight launches around the country tonight - including the Sydney launch - we want you to share your experience with us. Tomorrow, once the dust has settled and the world remembers that it was all for a phone, we'll collate all the images and publish a super-mega-gallery so those who missed out can share the love.

You can share your pics with us through Twitter by sending a message to @giz_au with a Twitpic attached (you should probably tell us where the photos was taken, too). If you're not down with Twitter, you can also email pics to us at [email protected]

And don't forget that if you're in Sydney tonight, swing by the Forbes hotel around 8pm to have a beer with the Giz crew.

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