Optus 2-in-1 SIM Card Makes Upgrading To iPhone 4 Easier (UPDATED)

We're nine days away from the iPhone 4's launch, which means it's time for Telcos to start trying to convince you they're the best place to get the iPhone. It seems like Optus has struck first with the announcement that they're offering customers a 2-in-1 SIM card that can be used in your current phone, but has a smaller MicroSIM componenet that can be popped out when you get your iPhone 4. Clever.

We've contacted Optus to find out whether or not the 2-in-1 SIM card is backwards compatable - so you can go back to your standard phone if you can't bear the antenna issues surrounding the iPhone 4.

But backwards compatibility or no, this is a clever way of dealing with the potential awkwardness of moving to a phone that uses the smaller SIM card.

UPDATE: Nope, you won't be able to stick the Micro SIM back in the full sized version and change phones, but Optus say that you can swap your SIM in any Optus store. They also clarified for anyone trying to apply for the 2-in-1 SIM and getting error messages - the offer is only valid to customers who pre-registered their interest in iPhone 4 and received the relevant email.

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    I don't get it?

    who is this for?

    so it has to be someone who is considering buying a new plan now. has the intention of upgrading to the iphone 4. but isn't just gonna wait 9 days and get the micro sim and iphone 4 all nice in one big package?

      As i work in an Optus Store. i know that we have limited sim stocks! we are trying to order more but demand is high this alternative not only speeds up the in store experience but the user is also one step ahead! Optus is doing the rite thing! it would be disappointing walking out the store with an iphone 4 with no micro sim!

        @ Optus Boy

        will you be able to order the iphone 4 online, or do you have to get to store? Especially for us loyal customers who have iphone 3G's and have been long term customers?

        So Optus Boy your telling me I can go into an Optus Store and sign the dotted lune for a 24 months contract and get an iphone 4 but there is a chance you won't be able to provide a SIM CARD for the phone I just signed up for?
        OPTUS FAIL

      I agree with Joel. Not sure what the problem is as well. Believe this will make things easier.

    What the...? When I tried registering, it said I was already registered?

    "The information provided was incomplete or invalid.

    We were unable to authenticate your details. You must correctly enter your surname and mobile number for us to locate your record. Please try again.

    You have already registered for the new Micro SIM."

    Anyone else getting this problem?

    backwards compatible? pop it back in the surround - backwards agogo.

      The sim card is perforated so once it pops out it does not go back in! you prob could use sticky tape but if you come into a store they will easily revert you back to a normal sim!

    @matt it's so you can put the sim into your current phone and copy all of your contacts to it, then pop out the micro sim and put it into your iphone 4. That way you can transfer your contacts without a computer.

    Also, Virgin is doing this as well.

    I have had no issue ordering my 2-in-1 sim. It says I will receive it before the 28th July 2010.

    Pretty stalkerish, no?


      You had to have registered on the Optus website for iPhone4 to get the offer.

    I've got one of these new sims. Friend works at an optus store and i needed a new sim which he got. They're pretty clever but its just a sim card.

    Am having problems registering with the website too. Getting the below error message:

    "Sorry, we were unable to verify those details,
    please try again. Enter Mobile Number without spaces."

    Even though there are no spaces in the bloody mobile number!

    Do we know this website is legitimate? It doesn't use an Optus domain, just https://optus2in1order.com

    Phishing Scam? Form is posting to eloqua.com and the site is built in tables. I don't think this is Optus AU.... is it?

      nah if you check the source code all the assets are linked to optus.com.au.

    "They also clarified for anyone trying to apply for the 2-in-1 SIM and getting error messages – the offer is only valid to customers who pre-registered their interest in iPhone 4 and received the relevant email."

    I already pre-registered my interest last month, but I'm getting the error?

    When i picked up my Galaxy S the other week it had one of these sim in the packet and it was a B**** to get out of the big card the sims comes in without breaking the micro sim out.

    Had my offer and already filled in and sent. Sim comes via registered post. Just have to wait for the iphone now. Im on a business plan with optus but currently have a samsung omnia. bring on the Iphone 4

    This isn't anything new. My Telstra iPad sim is the same. It's a full size card (like business card size) with a normal SIM pop out, that then has a Micro SIM pop out.

    It should actually be possible to sit the Micro SIM back into the SIM size pop out use it in a normal phone (ie, it's backwards compatible), although it may not be recommended.

    The same thing happened back in the day when the current sized SIM was introduced. My dad's first phone used a full size card, but his second used the smaller SIM card. When the Telcos shipped the card, they were full size, but with a cut out for the smaller one. (like http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6d/T-Mobile_SIM_card.jpg)

    Also receiving error message, and I am registered (which is why I received the email).

    Im currently with Optus and recieved the email and im about to register. However Vodafone currently has much a better plan stucture and im keen to see what optus will offer with the iphone 4g. Im worried that by registering for the 2in1 sim from Optus will lock me into continuing to use Optus when the iPhone 4g is released. Does anyone know?

      Are there T&Cs? If so, read them. I hardly think you'll be signing yourself up to a new contract just by ordering a new sim card.

    Where is the link of that banner? I cannot see that picture on Optus Aus website!

    Domain Lookup

    Domain Name.......... optus2in1order.com
    Creation Date........ 2010-07-15
    Registration Date.... 2010-07-15
    Expiry Date.......... 2011-07-15
    Organisation Name.... Marketing Decisions Pty Ltd
    Organisation Address. 33 King Charles Drive
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Paradise Point
    Organisation Address. 4216
    Organisation Address. QLD
    Organisation Address. AUSTRALIA

    Admin Name........... William McNamara
    Admin Address........ 33 King Charles Drive
    Admin Address........
    Admin Address........ Paradise Point
    Admin Address........ 4216
    Admin Address........ QLD
    Admin Address........ AUSTRALIA
    Admin Email..........

    To people who doesnt get why Optus is offering this, put it this way, how are you going to test your sim in another phone since iPhone 4 is the only phone on the market to use Micro-SIMs...?

      sorry but why would you need to test your SIM in another phone?

      iPad 3G, buddy.

    I don't think this is from Optus.
    As Paul G has found out from the domain name.

    Here's the guy's twitter:

    And his company:

    I guess when you register, they have a power now to send you spams.

    I just wanna know their plans...

    Huge security breach - if you know someone who has an iphone 3 with Optus, type there number in with there surname and it gives you there address!.

    I think they it's available for business customers who registered for the iPhone 4 currently.

    For goodness sake!
    Talk about a bunch of gossiping old women.

    The offer is in place so current iPhone users can upgrade their sim card and continue using it and when they either sign up for a new iPhone plan or buy one outright (if that is an option) they can begin using their sim card immediately, with their number.

    I can't see what the problem is, this will reduce strain on telcos with limited micro sims, and will reduce waiting time in stores.

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