Let's Get The Filter Discussion Happening On Q&A Next Week

You know what would be a nice change? A televised discussion about the Internet filter that didn't just involve the words "child porn", "bestiality" and "pro-rape websites" thrown around again and again. That could happen next week, with Greens Senator Scott Ludlam appearing on ABC show Q&A with the hope of discussing the filter and online privacy on the show. Let's help him out.

Ludlam has been one of the most outspoken politicians against the internet filter, and his appearance on the ABC program is a great opportunity for some serious debate on the issue. In the lead up to an election though and a panel of politicians who will all want to try and promote their own message, it's a good idea for us to try and help steer the conversation onto the importance in fighting the filter.

So, head on over to the Q&A website and ask a question for Senator Ludlam on the filter. If nothing else, it will hopefully let a non-tech audience hear the importance of the filter issue.


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