Kogan's Got Some Cheap New Blu-ray Players

A quick Google search shows Kogan's new $149 Blu-ray player isn't the cheapest available to buy online, but based on specs it's certainly not a bad little unit for the price.

The $149 player is BD Profile 2.0 compliant, complete with ethernet port at the back and a USB port for multimedia playback. It will also play discs from all regions, although it requires you to press certain buttons on the player's remote to switch regions, rather than just playing any region when you plug it in.

They've also got a $229 model which looks slimmer and introduces 802.11n wireless and a 7.1 Audio Out.

In addition to the Blu-ray players, Kogan also unleashed a couple of DAB+ radio units with iPhone docks - the basic model costs $149 and includes both wireless and wired ethernet, supports internet radio and DAB+ and streams audio over Wi-Fi. The deluxe model offers improved audio quality with twin 30W speakers for $199.

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