Fancy Some DVD Playback With Your iPod Dock?

Fancy Some DVD Playback With Your iPod Dock?

On the back of the release of new Blu-ray home theatre systems, Pioneer has also expanded its lineup of iPod docks. And both new models in the range are somewhat… unique.

The XW-NAV1 dock kind of looks like a Bose Sounddock, but withe the benefit of an inbuilt DVD player. There’s an HDMI port (plus composite) on the back which allows you to connect the unit to a TV, and it will upscale your DVD to 1080p. You can also use the HDMI connection to view videos on your iPod or iPhone on the big screen.

Also included are a USB input, which plays back audio and video files, and an FM radio. Which is a lot of features for the $399

If you don’t really want to have a DVD player in your iPod dock, but do have a need for a dock to charge your iPhone and your iPod at the same time, then the XW-NAC3 might be more up your alley. Pioneer haven’t just stuck the two ports on the speaker though – they also included a button that will shuffle music from both devices, without stopping playback.

It’s also a pretty well connected little speaker, with DLNA 1.5 (which allows you to play music from one device on a second device controlled by a third device), Bluetooth audio streaming, and a composite video out for playing back video files. Plus there’s a USB port for audio and video files, and Internet radio support. All for $699.