Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

This weekend was mostly about “Antennagate”, and other ridiculous offences to the English language…

Google May Soon Start Telling You When To Go Shopping, And What To Buy
If Google gives me a fashion sense, then I’m all for it…

It Happened: An iPhone SLR Lens Mount
Ummm, yay?

Tesla Building Electric Rav4 SUV For Toyota
Wow. Never would have thought Toyota would get someone else to build them an electric car…

Apple Will Give Free Bumpers To iPhone 4 Owners
Problem solved!!

Apple’s $US100 Million iPhone Test Chamber
Now this is officially awesome. I want one of my own…

Google Receives Last Nexus One Shipment
And yet Vodafone just launched the phone in Australia? Disappointing!

A Knife Made From Fibre Optic Glass
Straight out of some MMO…

RIM, Nokia Respond To Apple’s Antennagate Press Conference
Not quite the F%*k you Apple I was expecting…