ABC iView Now Available On Sony Bravias

If you own a new Sony Bravia and have an affection for ABC's iView, you might want to leave work early today... The iView channel on the Bravia Internet Video service has just gone live.

While we've been able to access iView on the big screen using the PS3 since late last year, the Bravia service is noteworthy because it's not just navigated through a web browser - Sony and the ABC have been working together to create a user interface that can be navigated using the Bravia's remote control.

The downside of accessing iView this way is that the service will be metered, regardless of your ISP, which means you might need to upgrade your broadband plan, or at least monitor your usage a bit more closely.

But for the freedom to catch up on the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Daily Show or The Colbert Report on the big screen, that's a small price to pay...

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