Thoughts On Lundy For IT: Geordie Guy, Vice Chair Electronic Frontiers Australia

What stuck out to me this morning was Kate Ellis revealing that Labor members of parliament had Australians in their electoral offices saying that the Prime Minister wasn’t reflecting their wishes, and this was the impetus for considering a change of leadership. This week a petition that 19,000 Australians have signed was tabled in the Senate and 48,000 Australians have participated in the Time to Tell Mum campaign, all evidence that Senator Stephen Conroy’s censorship proposal isn’t reflecting their wishes. We hope the similarities between both situations are as apparent to the government as they are to us.

Geordie Guy is a computer systems architect in Sydney with a decade of experience working with business and people in both the IT industry itself as well as other markets. He is a qualified network engineer as well as certified by Microsoft, Citrix Systems, Cisco Systems and IBM. Geordie has a strong interest in technology rights management as well as online censorship and Australian public policy as it relates to technology. He is the Vice chair at Electronic Frontiers Australia, a non-profit national organisation representing Internet users concerned with on-line freedoms and rights.