QOTD: Tell Us About Your Broadband Plan

QOTD: Tell Us About Your Broadband Plan
ImageI live in the outer suburbs of south-west Sydney. As a consequence, my home internet connection is a plain old vanilla ADSL connection from iiNet. Not even ADSL2+. And coupled with the home phone line I need to pay for to get ADSL, I spend a minimum of $110 a month for 80GB of data at 8000k/384k speeds. Sad, huh?

It may sound crazy, but I actually switched down from a company reselling Telstra’s ADSL2+ service last year when I came on staff here at Gizmodo, because my old plan was costing me $100 a month for 20GB of data and I didn’t want to pay that much for such a paltry amount of data anymore. Especially when my internet connection at home was moving from being used all day every day to only used at nights when I got home from work. But to keep getting ADSL2+, I wasn’t able to reduce the cost without losing speed because Telstra or its resellers were the only companies offering ADSL2+ at my local exchange.

What’s the point of this broadband confessional, you ask? Yesterday when I wrote about Telstra’s updated pricing plans, there was a lot of blind criticism directed at the Telco for their new plans, and some at me for claiming they were actually a good deal.

And now you know what I currently use at home – which was the best option available to me when I updowngraded last year – it’s time for you guys to start sharing – how much do you pay for Internet and home phone each month? What do you get included? How much data? Any free calls, or is it just line rental? Who are you with?

And are you happy with your ISP?

Let us know in comments.