Mildura Losing Analogue TV Signal Tomorrow

If you happen to live in the Mildura area, tomorrow is D-Day. Or Digital day, as I've decided to officially start calling it. If you haven't upgraded your home theatre system to include a digital tuner, either in built in your TV or via a set-top box, then you might be seeing a whole heap of nothing tomorrow as the broadcasters switch off the analogue TV broadcasts.

Mildura is the first area of the country to go all digital, all the time, ahead of the complete analogue switch off in 2013. As Gus over at Lifehacker points out, expect the media coverage to focus on some pensioner who somehow missed the fact they'd need some new hardware to keep watching TV. But on the whole, not much is going to change at all with the switchover.

Anyone from Mildura, feel free to tell us about the switchover in comments.

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