Kogan's 32-Incher Could Be Perfect Great For Blue (Ray) Movies

On a pure value for money argument, it's be extremely difficult to go past Kogan's new 32-Inch LCD TV with an integrated Blu-ray player. For $679, you get a Full HD 32-inch TV with integrated HD tuner, as well as a built-in BD 2.0 region free Blu-ray player.

There aren't too many Blu-ray toting LCD TVs on the market at the moment, but the fact this one includes the full Blu-ray specification (for BD-Live) and an ethernet jack on the back means that you'll be able to enjoy all the features of the format. There are two HDMI inputs as well, which isn't a lot, but without the need to connect an external Blu-ray player, should be enough for most people.

Kogan are also offering free delivery on pre-orders for a limited time. Considering the TV is expected to ship on July 2, that could be a pretty decent saving for not so big a wait too.


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