Create Your Own Conspiracy Theory: Who Would DDoS Whirlpool?

Yesterday morning, Brett Winterford at ITNews revealed that broadband forums site Whirlpool was the victim of a DDoS attack that brought down the site. The site went down, then came back up before being hit by another attack today. But why?

ITNews reported that Bulletproof - who hosts the Whirlpool site - jumped on the attack quickly and moved to take down Whirlpool so as not to crush their network. After today's attack, it seems they have enough information to pass onto the NSW police, who will pass the information onto the feds.

But who would want to attack a forum for geeks to talk about broadband (and other geeky stuff) in the first place? Bulletproof COO Lorenzo Modesto joked to ITNews yesterday that it "looks like Whirlpool was the target of at least 20,000 spams or scams coming through the portal," and while that makes us laugh, we think you guys can create a slightly better excuse.

So tell us - who would want to DDoS Whirlpool? And to what purpose?


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